Monday, January 4, 2010

Gator Greenbacks

At the start of every semester at the University of Florida the newspaper stands are full of discounts and many people promote their business with coupons and coupon books at Turlington plaza. The Gator Greenbacks are the BEST source of coupons in Gainesville. Why? Because there is usually over 100 pages of deals with 4 coupons per page, they are valid until the start of the next semester, and they are FREE. Pick up as many copies as you can. I usually keep a few at my apartment and one in the car. Other coupon books are useful as well, such as the Gator Supersaver. However, avoid the Best Deals as it is just a book of advertisements without any coupons usually.

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  1. It's handy size makes it easy to put in a purse or inside the case of one of your mobile devices. It's our go-to coupon book!