Thursday, January 14, 2010


While every thrifty guide will tell you how you can save over $100 buy brewing at home, sometimes you have to get out of the house. Here are a few ways you can save at $tarbuck$:
1. Bring your own mug. They take off 10-30 cents depending on the drink you order. If you buy one of their mugs it comes with a coupon for a free drink too.
2. Get a Starbucks card. Its reloadable and when you register it online they give you 2 free hours of internet use (helpful during exam week when everyone swarms digital downtown) and a free drink on your birthday.
3. Starbucks offers 50 cent coffee refills. If you simply go in and hand them your mug or reuse a paper cup and ask for a refill coffee it will ring $0.53 on the register. Its only supposed to be for customers that get a refill within the hour of their first purchase, but the baristas never seem to notice or care.
4. If your drink is forgotten (this has happened to me before) or incorrect, ask for a forgiveness card, it is good for a free drink your your choice, any size.
5. When you order an iced coffee any flavor shot comes free with the purchase.
6. How to get a iced latte for $2.50 : order 4 espresso shots over ice in a venti cup, pour milk from coffee stand into cup.

Never pay $4.00 for coffee drinks again. Unless its a pumpkin spice frappuccino, delicious!

P.S. Of course Gainesville has some wonderful locally owned coffee shops too, (i.e. Volta, Karma Kream, Muade's). Please support them as well.

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