Saturday, January 9, 2010

Supermarket deals

I do most of my shopping at either Publix or Albertsons. Before I go shopping I make the usual shopping list, and then I go onto and
to compare deals. Publix has great buy one get ones each week and I stock up on items that have longer expiration dates. I also compare Publix brand items to name brands to save. Looking at the price per ounce helps as well. Buying in bulk is only a good idea when you know you will use the items. For example, I used to buy shredded cheese in bulk, but the majority of it would go bad. Now I buy a block and shred it myself or the smalllest bags available, usually for under $1. However, buying vegetables in bulk rather than sliced/pre-packaged/washed salad bags is usually a better idea, and the produce that does spoils can be composted. Buying Powdered drinks instead of pre-made also saves. Arizona tea and Gatoraid are much cheaper in powder form and taste exactly the same!

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